Total Rehab Centre for Disabled children is a non- profitable community based organization registered with the ministry of gender, children and social development.

It is a residential homecare for children with special needs and mainly focuses on cerebral palsy cases and those with intellectual disabilities to achieve their optimal independence as they are integrated in the society.


To empower Children with Disabilities (CWDs) with such skills and competencies that they achieve optimal performance in their daily activities through provision of quality care and rehabilitation services. We seek to offer the best support services to persons affected by cerebral palsy through provision of therapy, promotion of awareness, and advocacy. Ultimately, we aspire to minimize situations and conditions giving rise to cerebral palsy.


In July 2014, Total Rehab adopted a community-based rehabilitation approach in its operations. This is in line with the community-based rehabilitation guidelines for low-resource settings as provided for by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2010) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities..

Types of Disabilities in The Center

  • 1. Cerebral Palsy cases
  • 2. Mental retardation
  • 3. Autism spectrum disorder
  • 4. Down syndrome
  • 5. Spinal bifida
  • 6. Sensory integration disorders


You can directly help vulnerable children with your support and care by volunteering with us. By volunteering you will be helping these children access essential needs such as education, shelter, clothes, food and medical care.

You will also be helping provide counseling and recreational activities for vulnerable children as well as providing home and school visits for HIV-positive individuals and other vulnerable households.

If you can't volunteer but would would prefer to help in another way please consider donating or sponsoring a child.

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Total Rehab Empowers Children with disability